Living in Phuket

by Brett Flegg

This is a wonderful piece by a young Canadian who spent the '96/'97 academic year as a Rotary Exchange Student at a high school in Phuket. In his introduction, Brett modestly states:

  "This document contains information I wish I had when I came. I am not an expert in Thai culture and I do not pretend to be; I make no claims to its accuracy, spelling, grammar, etc. It is just some helpful hints to start your visit off."


Inside Thailand directors Mac and Boosaba helped with the Thai script, and in exchange Brett generously allows us to share this with folks like you. While some of Brett's information is specific to Phuket, many of his insights apply to Thailand in general. Highly recommended.

Phuket Guide Click here to download a printable PDF version of Brett's Phuket Guide.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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