Throughout the month, Mac and Boosaba will share their bicultural perspectives to enhance participants' appreciation and to prepare them for teaching English effectively in Thailand. In a relaxed, conversational style, the Bakewells will offer vivid insights into Thai history, language, religion and culture, as well as valuable tips and techniques for teaching English as a foreign language.

Mac Bakewell   Boosaba Nualhing


Program Fees


The Inside Thailand 2011 program fee of $4,550 includes all ground transportation, meals and lodging, and all tickets to museums, performances and special excursions. For personal snacks, shopping, and laundry we recommend an additional individual budget of between $10 and $15 a day.

Travel expenses to and from Thailand are not included in the program fee. Inside Thailand arranges group air travel. Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Bangkok will be determined in April and is expected to be around $1,550 per passenger.

Fees quoted in this brochure are based on exchange rates and other hard costs in effect December 12, 2010. We reserve the right to adjust our fees if any of these rates change substantially before final payment is due.


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