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North American Teens in Thailand
A letter to Navin — by Colleen Barrett
 Nation Junior article 1998 — magazine interview with Inside Thailand 1998 group
 Nation Junior article 2002 — magazine interview with Inside Thailand 2002 group
 Guide to Living in Phukett — by Brett Flegg
Thai Teens in North America
 Nam Whan in America — In April of 2007 a girl from Pah Leurat visits Santa Barbara
on a program sponsored by The Rotary Club of Bangkok South
Inside Thailand Pix
 Inside Thailand — photo albums — A growing collection of high-resolution images from Thailand
 Inside Thailand — AV slide shows — Two slide shows with music by The Thai Elephant Orchestra
  Slides 2007 Slides 1995-2004
 Google Map — Pah Leurat — Satellite view of our village and environs
  Google Map
Bakewell Family
 Mac teaching in Thailand — Santa Barbara News Press, August 1993
- This 924 KB file requires a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader
 Boosaba's website — biography and Thai cooking classes
 Benyapa's website — cats, water buffalo, elephants, birthdays and home life in Thailand
 Mac's Pix — assorted images reflecting various interests
The Cantaloupe Star
Thai children are traditionally given nicknames like กบ (Frog), นก (ฺBird), and ออ้ย (Sugar Cane). Cantaloupe was Benyapa's nickname and in 1993 Mac's Thai students in Pah Leurat named their English Club's newspaper after her.
 Cantaloupe Star - Vol. 1, No. 1 — July 22, 1993
 Cantaloupe Star - Vol. 1, No. 2 — March 4, 1994

Thai Pets
 Nom Wahn — Thai kitten in America
 The story of Ahn — hot wheels for a paraplegic Thai pup


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